Programa de Disponibilidade de Água da Bacia do Rio Doce (PDA Doce – MG/ES)

Promoted by IBIO since 2015, the program has the general objective of promoting and optimizing actions for the recovery of water availability in this territory, through integration and coordination between the various stakeholders of the river basin, including in summary:

  • Actions for the recovery of native vegetation in order to preserve, protect or restore priority areas with native vegetation;
  • Fostering and promoting actions for sustainable rural production and agriculture;
  • Development and training for the rational use of water and waste reduction;
  •  Technological innovation for the sustainable use of water resources.

WAP Doce is the result of a joint effort including state governments of Espírito Santo and Minas Gerais, representatives of the productive sector, major water consumers in industry and agriculture and non-governmental organizations.

Diagnostics and prioritized demands identified in the respective Water Basin Plans are taken as reference in territorial planning, using sophisticated instruments of spatial analysis. The Map of Vulnerable Areas in the Doce River Basin is one of the main results of the program’s initial analysis and is already acknowledged within the territory as a reference document for the development of integrated actions for water recovery and environmental quality.

In the Rio Doce River Basin, IBIO works in partnership with the Water Committees, assisting their technical departments in identifying areas of water vulnerability. These studies aim to prioritize actions and propose performance indicators and goals, as well as solutions and alternatives for supply and rational use of water resources in productive sectors, such as agriculture. IBIO also leads fund raising efforts involving the private sector for the development of executive projects.

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