TIM (Territory Integrated Management) Açu (State of Rio de Janeiro)

Hired by EBX with participation of local leaders, public managers, and companies of the group, the project aimed at the elaboration of a strategic plan, incorporating the four structuring dimensions of territory integrated management (economic, social, environmental, and identitary). The objective of the work was to elaborate a plan focused in a dynamic and sustainable process that enables a real territorial development of Porto Açu’s influence area, Northern part of the State of Rio de Janeiro’s coast.


These were the main actions:

  • Collection and systematization of data about the territory;
  • Instalation and maintenance of a reference Territorial Development Center in the region;
  • Promotion of thematic forums and work groups associated with the territorial development;
  • Training in TIM for the main interested parties;
  • Installation of Digital Artistic and Scientific Animation Project (DASAP) rooms and training for the use of the space;
  • Territorial certification;
  • Definition of indicators panel for monitoring the territory;
  • Communication and dissemination of actions and results.
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