Muriqui Ecological Corridor (State of Rio de Janeiro)

Having as goal to increase the connectivity between Três Picos State Park and Desengano State Park, in the State of Rio de Janeiro, IBIO strucutured an incentive program to forest restoration at Fluminense Mountains, between 2009 and 2012, having Muriqui (Brachyteles spp.) as target species and mascot.


These were the main actions:

  • Secondary data collection and diagnosis;
  • Elaboration of executive project for the program (10-15 years);
  • Analysis of the connectivity potential of the landscape for the identification of areas with capability of creating or increasing public and private conservation units;
  • Elaboration of environmental adequation projects and registration of legal reserve of rural producers of the mapped corridor;
  • Strengthening and structuring nurseries for the production of region-native seedlings.
  • Environmental education and communication.
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