ILM Parques do Vale (Minas Gerais)

Contracted by the real estate complex Parques do Vale, the project was conducted by IBIO with the participation of local community leaders, public servants and the complex’s own managers. The objective was to construct a strategic plan, incorporating the four structural dimensions of Integrated Landscape Management – ILM (economic, social, environmental and identity) in a dynamic and sustainable process that paved the way for real territorial development.

The main actions undertaken include:

  • Collecting, organizing and sharing information on the territory to support the integrated planning of on-site actions;
  • Promotion and mediation of dialogue between key representatives of the territory, in order to define roles, leverage resources and optimize efforts to promote sustainable development;
  • Providing training to local leaders for the purpose of community empowerment and the revival of regional culture in order to better qualify the debate between territory representatives;
  • Exploring possible and desirable future scenarios for the territory, incorporating the participation of representatives from government, private sector and organized civil society;
  • Strategic Planning with structuring actions for territorial development.
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