Unidade Regional do Pacto pela Restauração da Mata Atlântica (Bacia do Rio Doce/ES)

In 2015, IBIO was selected to undertake a regional representation for the Atlantic Forest Restoration Pact and act as the executive secretary in Espírito Santo and the Rio Doce River Basin. This model of governance, focused on a local and regional scale, has the objective of contributing to the development of actions and strategies on a broader scale. IBIO joined the Pact in 2010.

Its main activities include:

  • Providing support for diagnostics in the restoration supply chain;
  • Assisting in the development and implementation of professional training programs, expanding on the knowledge of restoration and related issues;
  • Addressing public and private policies at the state or regional level when relevant to restoration;
  • Providing support in the management of information and data production relevant to restoration projects;
  • Aiding in the dissemination of strategies, tools, actions and information concerning the Pact;
  • Implementing the Strategic Plan for Forest Restoration in the State of Espírito Santo.
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