• "We created the IBIO in 2002 in order to contribute to the conservation of the Brazilian Atlantic Forest. Today, IBIO has established itself as a key organization for the management of one of Brazil’s major river basins. - The Rio Doce River Basin"

    Erling S. Lorentzen
    President of the Board and founder of IBIO
    Photo: Guto Costa
  • "IBIO was founded to facilitate participation with the Brazilian business sector in the environmental dimension of sustainability in our country. In this sense, the Institute is already an outstanding example for its leadership in the management of investments for the adaptation of critical river basins and watersheds."

    Eliezer Batista
    Member of the Board and co-founder of IBIO
    Photo: Paula Kossatz
  • "This partnership between the school and IBIO is very valuable because it has given us the opportunity to take our environmental education classes and put them into practice. I am deeply thankful for this movement undertaken by the ‘Porteiras do Boi’ here in our city.”

    Ângela Pereira Ferreira
    Teacher at Dr. José Augusto Public School / Entre Folhas, Rio Doce basin
  • "Whenever IBIO presents a partnership proposal for the development of a project, we do our best to support them. The Institute is a pioneer in implementing the concept of sustainable development, proposing solutions that are focused on economically viable results and which are consistently oriented environmentally and maintain clear social goals. The more we work with IBIO, the more we ourselves grow as a company."

    Olavo Machado Júnior
    President of the Minas Gerais Industry Federation
    Photo: Jacinto Sebastião Junior/Fiemg
  • "IBIO has made a huge contribution to both water management and broader environmental issues, while always working in consonance with the ten committees. I have only to say thank you for the harmonious and unified work they have done, which has led to so many accomplishments and positive results for our river basin.”

    Leonardo Deptulski
    Director-President of AGERH
    Photo: Divulgação
  • “My expectations with the project are of continuous improvement. We’re learning so much and overjoyed that we can already see the results. There’s just no way to do this kind of work on your own. Partnerships like this allow us to go so far.”

    Sebastião Rocha de Oliveira
    Small farmer from São Cândido, Rio Doce basin
  • “In addition to IBIO-AGB Doce, the water agency of Rio Doce, IBIO provides key technical support to the eleven committees responsible for this river basin. Our expectation is, with IBIO’s support, to increasingly expand this activity and our projects and raise more funds beyond the context of charging payment for the use of the water."

    Carlos Eduardo Silva
    President of the Piranga Water Committee
    Photo: Divulgação

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